Testimonial #1

“Thank you, Savitri, for embodying divinity with class and grace. You are incredible.”

–Grace Kaya, UK

Testimonial #2

“Savitri Devi is a cherished member of our Usada Bali team. At Usada Bali, ‘parampara’ is something that we consider integral to both our cultural and internal offerings.

Savitri Devi carries her lineage with dignity and is deeply committed to preserving the wisdom that has been transmitted to her.”

–Scott Bauer, Usada Bali

Testimonial #3

“To all who want to understand Bhakti, Yoga and Balinese spirituality, Savitri is one of the most authentic teachers you will find in Ubud area.”

–Madhava Ananda Das, Maui

Testimonial #4

“Practising Kundalini Yoga with Savitri at SpiritWind Centre in the Toronto Kensington Market has changed my life forever.”

–Effie Mitskopulous, Canada

Testimonial #5

“Your ability to hold a sacred space and shine the frequency of Yogi Bhajan is amazing. Sat Nam. I love you.”

–Govinda Simon Morris, Australia.

Testimonial #6

“Savitri is a dear friend who has been doing healing work for decades in a variety of modalities. She is a wise guide, teacher and healer. If you are looking for assistance in life coaching, holistic health practices and/or want to further your Yoga training, please contact Savitri Devi.”

–Susan Allen, Canada/Bali

Testimonial #7

“With Savitri Devi, you are in capable, loving hands.”

–Francoise Shantdeep Roy, Canada

Testimonial #8

“Two years ago I walked into Savitri’s Kundalini Yoga class and it completely changed my life. From the moment I met Savitr,i I knew I had been guided to the right teacher/mentor on my spiritual path. From my first kundalini class I was hooked and have continued my practice since that day and when I am in Bali I do as many classes as I can with Savitri.

Since I started Kundalini Yoga the migranes I have suffered from for many years are completely gone and my health and well being has increased so much.

I have also been lucky enough to attend one of Savitri’s retreats (Beautiful Bountiful Blissful) and it was absolutely wonderful. Savitri is such a beautiful soul and her retreat and guidance and loving heart has helped me through some really challenging times in my life and I am so truly grateful for everything she has taught me and continues to teach me to ths day.

I have also experienced Savitri’s Reiki sessions and all I can say is “Wow”! I was blown away by Savitri’s energy and I felt such strong emotional and physical shifts after our sessions. Whether you are interested in Kundalini Yoga classes, a retreat or healing reiki session I cannot recommend Savitri highly enough.”

–Leanne Forrester, Kundalini Yoga practitioner & dancer, Australia

Testimonial #9

Savitri designed the “Return to Yourself”, a Yoga & Wellness retreat program for single traveler when she was the wellness director of Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali. A brilliant Yoga instructor, lifestyle coach, spiritual healer, and Reiki Master Teacher, her gentle spirit, knowledge of Yoga and love of life is palpable. I was immediately drawn to her. She created a program specifically for me, making sure that I would benefit most from each treatment, session and tour.

Savitri selflessly presented me her complete attention and I found that an unspoken bond developed between us. Her healing spirit encompassed me with warmth, understanding, and peace and I found myself waking each morning eager to spend time with her. House passed by like minutes as she guided me through the tools need to find harmony and peace within. By the last day, I had a sense of serenity I’ve never experienced before.

I spent four days with Savitri and each day was filled with healing sunrise yoga sessions, soul searching guided meditation, indulgent and healing spa treatments, and cultural tours that imparted the ageless wisdom of ancient Balinese rituals. She spent countless hours exposing me to her insight and perception into the human spirit. During my time at the retreat, I learned acceptance, awareness of self, and how to recognize and find my bliss.

This experience and Savitri’s beautiful spirit and counselling will stay with me forever and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a unique and brilliant encounter, and for the privilege of meeting Savitri. I would highly recommend the “Return to Yourself” Retreat at Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali to any solo female traveler who wants to reconnect with their inner self. It’s an experience that will leave you with a sense of love and harmony, and set you on a path to a better you!

–Marie Hernancez, Blogger

Testimonial #10

“We are so lucky when we find great teachers and I wasn’t to share my deep gratitude and love for this amazing woman, Savitri Amarjeet Kaur.

Kundalini Yoga can be very challenging and I have been on the edge of throwing in the towel many times. The practice clears your energetic blockages, and so much emotional drama/trauma and triggers show up. You fee on top of the world, and the next second like you are in a pile of mud. But to reach the light, we have to work through our darkness, there is no other way. Phew!

Savitri has been the teacher that patiently and lovingly guided me through the first half of this year, listening to my drama and being compassionate, wise and steady. Listening to my doubts, insecurities and criticism. Lending me her books and feeding me wisdom with endless grace. She has been transparent with her own path in her humble humanness sharing stories over many sweet and spicy Indian dinners.

She has showed me that you can be very feminine, creative and joyful while being determined, independent and intelligent as a woman and as a teacher. The first time I went to her class, my intuition said, “Yes, this is your teacher – Stay with her and trust.” And now I seehow perfect it all was and is. She has truly been the perfect teacher for me to develop my own inner teacher, finding balance between the masculine discipline and the creative and sensual feminine.

For me, she embodies the patient, steady, compassionate, wise and divinely connected female teacher and leader. A heart so overflowing for community and with such generous spirit to serve. A wisdom keeper and a well of beauty and kindness. I could not ask for more in a teacher. Big love and deep bow to you, dear Savitri Amarjeet Kaur. I feel so honoured to be your student and your partner in crime for raw rich dark chocolate desserts any time. “

–Mia Korling, Kundalini Yoga teacher

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